Most frequent questions and answers

Both parties understand each other – Party A and Party B sign a confidentiality agreement – Party A provides drawings or samples – Party B raises questions – Party A answers questions – Party B provides a quotation – Party A issues a sample order – Sample confirmation – Party A issues an order – Party B produces – Customs declaration.

Generally, the drawings are not detailed and are in the customer’s budget stage. Experienced companies can estimate a price for the customer’s budget reference. Provide accurate prices after updating the drawings after the project matures.

Quotation takes 1-7 days, sampling takes 3-7 days, and bulk production takes 25-35 days to start shipping.

We have strong adaptability, firstly, to adapt to multi-variety and small-batch production. We have a very detailed organizational structure with professional personnel engaged in professional work. Secondly, we have a large number of automated production equipment that is suitable for mass customization of standard products.