Beyond perfection!

ISO9001 Certified & FSC Certified

Precision Manufacturing Excellence!

At Senyo Metal, we prioritize excellence in every detail, employing advanced machinery and skilled craftsmanship to consistently deliver high-quality, tailored shopfitting solutions globally.

A clean, safe and good working environment for our workers is a top priority for Senyo.


In our expansive factory spanning 31,000m² in Wuxi, China, we take pride in being a leading shopfitting company, equipped with the latest technologies and resources to deliver exceptional solutions. Beyond our commitment to craftsmanship, we prioritize the safety and well-being of our workforce, creating an environment where productivity thrives, and our employees are motivated to excel.

Safety is ingrained in every aspect of our production process. To safeguard our team, we provide comprehensive training programs and ensure that each worker is equipped with personalized personal protective equipment suitable for their specific roles. This not only enhances workplace safety but also reflects our dedication to fostering a culture of responsibility and care among our staff.

Certificates: ISO9001 Certified & FSC Certified

Our Production Capabilities

The company is equipped with high-efficiency automation tools like a plate laser cutting machine, 3D laser cutting machine, Salvagnini bending machine, CNC welding robot, and an automatic powder spraying line.

Our commitment to quality is certified through ISO 9001 and SGS accreditations from American and Australian organizations. Additionally, we have received approvals from over 10 reputable brands through factory audit inspections.

With strong production capabilities, we provide auxiliary products for metal, stainless steel, wood, acrylic, glass, and screen printing.

A clean, safe and good working environment for our workers is a top priority for Senyo.


Our metal workshop has more than 200 sets of various equipment, including:

  • Powder coating, 2 sets
  • Laser cutting, 4 sets
  • 3D laser cutting, 2 set
  • Various tonnage punching, 20 sets
  • CNC Punching, 1 set
  • Automatic bending, 11 sets
  • Robotic Bending, 3 set
  • Tig welding, 28 sets
  • Welding robots, 9 sets
  • Laser welding, 5 set
  • Tube bending, 4 sets
  • Wire forming, 1 set
  • Salvagnini shear cutting, 1 set